Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Credo

This was a piece I wrote my senior year of high school and became rather fond of. I don't have the strength to write an original post tonight so here you go. 

I believe in independently living. Who would ever allow someone else decide what's best for them? Not me.
Humanity is built on reliance. 
Like a newborn clings to its mother, people cling to each other.
Self-reliance is a state of mind. Clinging to others is wounding.
Opinions are formed by proximity.
Prisons are formed by the mind that yearns to belong.
Dive headfirst into life. Your life. Like an explorer drawn to the sea we are pulled toward normalcy. We drown in mediocrity. Self-assurance is the boat passing by just in time to rescue our individuality. I reject drowning in dependence. I accept swimming through the self-confidence I know I possess. Only you can follow the siren call of your desires.
Humanity welcomes the ability to choose your own adventure and shun those who choose incorrectly.
Free Will is a blessing not an invitation to condemn. Like an almighty judge Society convicts those who do not surrender their self-assurance.
I believe in living a life free from the ties that bind. You cannot stop being you. The only wrong choice is to conform and surrender the promise of self-sustaining life.

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