About Me

I'm Beth and I love to write.

Writing is something I have always had an appreciation for and I am proud to call myself a writer, even if the things I write are only seen by a handful of faithful friends. 

This blog is a collection of my thoughts, organized and unorganized. I enjoy telling stories about my experiences as a college student and human person. I love politics, I love the earth, and I love trying to answer questions that don't have answers. 

I have written for other outlets like my school newspaper and the infamous Odyssey Online but this blog will remain my home. It truly helped me realize that writing is one of my passions and not just a hobby and I am grateful for that. 

I started this blog in my freshman dorm, a lot has happened since. You can get a not-so-brief picture of all the things I've written throughout my time in college at my website: https://bethturnbull.wixsite.com/portfolio

Welcome to Write Around The Corner.

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