Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Summer daze

I let the watermelon juice drip down my lips and across my stomach, it’s sticky but I don’t mind. It’s summer, I’ll just wash it off in the pool.

As the sun washes over me I close my eyes and focus all of my attention on stealing as much of its warmth as I possibly can before winter comes again. There is no breeze and the heat hangs heavy in the air, a bead of sweat falls from my temple. This is my paradise. I live for these sunlit-summer days.

I reach for my book and read until I can’t bear the heat any longer. As I stand, my vision becomes blurry and black at the corners, the result of hours of sun and no water.

A few sips later and I’m ready. I take off my sunglasses and leap into the water, it embraces me like an old friend. Gone is my sweat, gone is the watermelon’s sweet juice, gone is my blurry vision, and everything is incredibly clear.

As my arms cut through the water I feel so free. My childhood instincts return, I am a mermaid, I am an Olympian. I duck under the surface and can hear only the bubbles of my breath and the movement of the tide I’ve created.

This is peace, there is nothing else like this. Let me just stay here forever.


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