Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Highlights

I had a really great year. Aside from all the tragic celebrity deaths and the tragic election, 2016 was definitely one for the books.

I want to remember all the great times I had this year, all the wonderful days with friends and family, and all the amazing new things I saw and experienced. So, I'm writing it all down (typing it up) and sharing it with you. Not to make anyone jealous, but so I can look back on this year and smile.


Became a copy editor for The Globe and loved every minute.
Saw great art at The Mattress Factory and Randyland with Vince and Taylor.
Started writing for The Odyssey.


Fell down in the street while walking to the symphony with Andrew, Carrie, and Alex but still had a great time.
Enjoyed working in the Honors Office with Victoria, Laura, and Katie.
Hiked 9 miles in Schenley Park on a warm day.


Went to New York City with Kris, Lindsey, Vince, and Taylor. Saw Something Rotten! and Phantom of the Opera.
Celebrated Andrew and I's anniversary over a tasty pie.
Struggled through my visual communication class.
Took Taylor home with me for Easter.


Shook Bernie Sanders' hand. Heard Hillary Clinton speak.
Helped Taylor's mom and cousin surprise her for her birthday.
Met Ben and Jerry.
Quit The Odyssey.
Said goodbye to Carrie and the rest of the 4th floor.


Hiked 6 miles to the Ohiopyle Overlook-one of my favorite spots.
Experienced Presque Isle beach for the first time. Built a sandcastle with Andrew and a random child.
Reunited with high school friends.


Bought a watermelon tube for pool lounging. A worthy investment.
Learned how to paddleboard at Lake Stonycreek.
Got my driver's license. Didn't get to use it much.
Enjoyed the majesty of Cooperstown, NY and Lake Otsego.


Saw Billy Joel in concert. Legendary.
Visited UVA, Monticello, and Montpelier. Felt colonial as frick.
Walked on the beach at Chincoteague. Bought a classic dad style baseball hat.


Enjoyed quality hammock time with Andrew.
Spent a wild and fun day at the zoo with my best friends from home.
Saw Halsey and Oh Wonder at Stage AE.
Moved back to college early to mentor freshmen.


Experienced the glory of The Milkshake Factory for the first time.
Started geocaching with Andrew.
Turned 19. Celebrated with fancy rolled ice cream.
Started my first internship with Active Cities.


Cast my absentee ballot for my first presidential election.
Started to figure out how radio works while hosting Vibes with Taylor.
Celebrated Halloween at The Mattress Factory while dressed like a 12-year old Girl Scout.


Started working on my first long-form piece for my reporting class. Learned more about Pittsburgh's parks than I ever thought I would.
Snuck into an event where Bryan Cranston was speaking.
Said goodbye to my Grandmother's house in New York.


Danced the night away at Victoria and Shawn's wedding.
Cherished my last semester as a copy editor for The Globe.
Took an end of the semester trip to Pamela's with the best college friends I could have ever hoped for.
Had a quiet Christmas with my parents and sister.
Enjoyed having time to read books again.

So there's the highlights. 2016 was a great year and I hope 2017 is just as good to me.


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